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Mind-Body Library


Calm your mind and deeply connect with your body, in less than 15 minutes per day.  


Yes, it’s possible. 


Directing attention to strategic focal points, for example, like the breath or a specific body part, establishes intention and heightens presence. The mind-body connection bridges our thoughts and feelings, amplifies focus and joins the mind and body as teammates. This level of concentration is a missing piece in our workouts. It’s exactly what the ancient yogi’s spoke about in the upper limbs of yoga. The mind-body connection unlocks the power of consciousness and optimizes all forms of movement. 


The instructional lessons in the Mind-Body Library are all about the mind-body connection. Drawing from 20 years of experience, I offer practical techniques to awaken the power of consciousness in your movement. Presented as short videos and guided meditations, this powerhouse collection of little movements, mobilizers and toning exercises will take your mind-body fitness to the next level. 


In less than 15 minutes a day you will calm your mind and deeply connect with your body. Plus, you can apply these techniques to my live classes or any workout to improve your flexibility and core strength!